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The city walls are the symbolical emblem of the city. They contribute to the defining image of the warring and monastic center that Ávila was and has been able to maintain throughout the years. It constitutes a unique symbol that encloses within its walls mysticism and history, art and heroic chivalry.

Ávila is a city of contrasts, the hustle and bustle of the Mercado (market) contrasts with the quiet repose of the temples and its cloisters. Churches, convents, and hermit; beautiful palaces and the impressive cathedral provide Ávila's character and identity, in which the spirit of Santa Theresa of Jesus and of Saint John of the Cross still vibrate. avila

And yet, the crowning point of Ávila is, that once you have spent your energies walking through, gazing, admiring the beauty and, and you have allowed its peace to permeate through you, to sit in front of a well laden table. To sweeten your memories, Santa Theresa's yolks, and many other Castillian desserts, constitute one of the most exquisite culinary forms of this land of saints and knights.


Saint Vincent's Church Panoramic View of Ávila
Walls Saint Thomas' Monastery
Cathedral de Ávila Deans' House
Espadaña of Carmen Saint Peter's Church
Saint Theresa's Church Monastery of the Incarnation
Chapel of Mosen Rubí Four Posts
Tower of the Guzmans

Town Hall
Plaza de la Victoria, 1
05001 - Ávila
Tel. (920) 211300
Tel. Int. +34 -920-211300

Ávila, Cáceres, Córdoba, Cuenca, Salamanca , Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Toledo

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