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In Cuenca nature has same presence than history. Both  are different categories glued with the two rivers of the city. Same as other historical cities in other parts of the world: the traveller does not discover it until the moment he walks around the streets, sit in a stone and enjoy the landscape.

To find the hide soul of Cuenca, it is  needed to start walking along the spinal column of the top of the city, between both rivers: Huecar and Jucar. Mounting by Alfonso VIII street, the way makes smooth curbs sending traffic through the arch under the Town Hall, and toward the Main Square (plaza Mayor), closed on the right side by the 12th century Cathedral gothic façade; and in its front, by the convent of Petras façade. From that point, the small street of Saint Mary goes to the Merced square, a cozy area formed by this baroque chruch and the seminary. And from here, all the magic light of this impressive city waiting us in all its majesty... 8catdia.jpg (22695 bytes)
Mangana Tower


Saint Philip Neri

Virgin of Angustias Church

Convent of the Slaves

Hanging Houses

San Pablo´s Bridge

Virgin of the Light Church

Ronda of the Huecar river



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Town Hall
Plaza Mayor, 1
16001 - Cuenca
Tel. (969) 211600
Tel. Int. +34 -969-211600

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