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ÁVILA Cathedral
Avila It portrays the eldest transition of the Spanish Gothic, as seen by the relieves of the walls, which were also part of the city's defenses. Beginning with the Romantic style of the 12th century and ending with the Gothic style in the inner sanctum of the cathedral, shaped in the form of a Latin cross (measuring 28 mtrs wide and 85 mtrs long) with an intersecting cross at its exact center. It is closed by intricate oblong arches, beautiful coats of arms carved at the junctions and on the columns. The Cathedral's Vault, where the chapels are housed, is a master piece on the 12th cent. master Fuchel. The arch and the crucifix, as well as the columns placed as counter posts were placed much later.
The main gate, found at the northern side of the Cathedral, where Master Guas moved it in 1,458, is known as the "Apostle's Gate". By 1,578, the tower housed the bell ringer's lodge. The principal altar belongs to one of the most important pieces of Medieval art. Richly furnished with walnut was entrusted to Master Cornelius of the Netherlands in 1,555. The Interior of the Cathedral offers the visitors an unforgettable visit, filled with light, history and liturgy.
Avila 1.- Chapel of the Piety:
2.- Chapel of Saint Anthony:
3.- Chapel of Saint Nicholas:
4.- Chapel of Our Lady of the Grace:
5.- Sepulcher of the El Tostado:
6.- Chapel of Saint Second:
7.- Entrance the Sacristry and the Cathedral's Museum:
8.- Chapel of Saint Barnabas:
9.- Chapel of the Cardinal:
10.- Hall of the Chants:
11.- Hall of the Custody:
12.- Cloister:
13.- Main Altar:
14.- Choir:
15.- Retrochoir:

Dome of the Cathedral
It surrounds the Main Chapel, and from it, one can reach the Cathedratic Museum.
This incredible construction contains nine chapels, an exquisite altar and an innumerable sepulchers of Avilensis bishops and nobles. The most important chapels are: The Chapel of Saint Nicholas, which houses a renaissance portrait that calls: "Alms to marry orphaned ladies on the Day of Saint Nicholas", so in this day, twelve ill-starred maidens who demonstrated their honesty are doted in order for them to find a husband.
The Chapel of "The Watch" is dedicated to Our Lady of the Graces and for the Saint Second Sepulcher of Don Alonso of Madrigal, better known as the El Tostado; an Avilens bishop of great statue. It has engraved a narration in alabaster done by the Master Marco de Zarza.
The last chapel of the dome is the Sacristy and the Cathedratic Museum.