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More than 2,000 years are contained in this city's history. Romans and Muslims elected it as their capital elevating it as such. The different cultures that throughout the centuries have met in this city have enriched it and left a definite mark. The Mosque of Aljama, with the Christian cathedral in its heart, crowns the jewel that makes up the colorful and the whitewash houses of its historical center.

Its winding and narrow streets leads us to discover the marvelous monuments that the different cultures, as a perfect symbiosis, have enriched the city. Within its streets, we shall roam and find ourselves renewed in its varied and numerous silent, and some hidden, Cordobesian plazas. Little by little we shall find with still remaining inns from centuries ago that will tempt us to stop and taste the great wines of the land, accompanied by a wide variety of tapas, some unique to each.

Close-up View of a Bullfighter’s Attire "Traje de Luces"

These streets will not stop amazing us as we seep through the soul of the traditional Cordoba: Its patios. Principal part of each home, the daily life of the neighbors turns around it, making the "patio" as one of the most valued treasures with its care and decorations.

The game of lights and shadows is unique, the permanent bubbling of the water from its multiple fountains, the symphonies of smells and colors of the vegetation with which the city is filled will siege your senses and require your surrender, making Cordoba an unequaled visitation.


Mosque of Córdoba Mosque Gate of Saint Michael
General View of the Mosque and the Cathedral Fortress Tower of Calahorra
City Fountains Monument to Manolete
Streets and Patios of Córdoba Cathedral of Córdoba
Panoramic View of Córdoba The Alcazar of the Christian Kings
Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir River Noria Mill of the Albolafia


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