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Do we need to say more?.............I don’t think so! Who do we take you for! Of course that you know that the El Prado Museum is one the best in the world! Of course that you know that the El Prado Museum holds more than 10,000 pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, and even a whole sanctuary, besides the over 3,000 pieces which it lends of different expositions all over Spain) from the 6th century to the most reknown 19th century pieces! (We were so kind as to create a whole new museum for modern art which is called the Reina Sofia Museum. Nifty! Huh?) That’s why we asked you before do we need to say more?! Well,.....frankly, YES! Because that’s not all that El Prado has.

Why! Well,... it is here that we have kept for over 175 years the works only enjoyed by the monarchy before: Tiziano, among other venetian painters, El Bosco, Rubens, Goya , El Greco, among many others. By the way, did you know that “El Prado” was not the original name? Its original name was: The Royal Museum of Painting and Sculpture. Greco
Meninas You’ll find El Prado in the heart of Madrid, by one of the most beautiful parks of the city, El Parque del Retiro, and quite close to the Spanish congress. It is one of our most loved and priceless jewels. So much so that we prepared guides, books, videos, CD-ROM’s, even card games and imitation jewelry, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you so that you don’t think you’ve been had; I mean, we are honest about it!

But seriously, it would be impossible for us to list all of the pieces that the museum holds in this page. Masters from the best eras are well represented. And, of course, we cannot forget its annex: El Cason del Buen Retiro. Here works form the 19th century are exhibited. This place was initially built to be the dance hall of the palace of Philip V, first Borbon king of Spain. Its entry way is decorated with frescoes by Luca Giordano. To which, you add works from Goya, Zuloaga, Sorolla, Federico de Madrazo, Vicente Lopez, and more!

To come to the El Prado and its annex is to travel throughtime, space and thought (No twilight songs, please). You will beable to appreciate how humankind’s developments, andlearning influenced the time periods through the arts, clear examplesof this would be The Descent from the Cross by Van der Weyden,The Forge of Vulcan by Velazquez, Las Majas and the 2nd of May of 1808 both by Goya. Just these paintings make the museum a must see,and this is not even touching the surface of the art works here gathered! Goya
El Prado has gone through much, as well as some of the piecesfound in it. In it, you’ll go trough our history and our monarchies as you contemplate the portraits of the Habsburgs and the Borbons and their lifestyles, and even their idiosyncrasies. You can see it through one of the videos or CD-ROM and be amazed as we are by it, but there is nothing compared to experiencing it for yourself!
Do you want to emulate the great Masters? Maybe you have extremely creative kids (who enjoy painting the walls)? We don´t offer walls here, but a page where you can find the masterpieces of The Prado without the genial touch. We give you the templates, the genial touch is a question of you... Visit Color me up! right now!!

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