Let us give you a situation, and you tell us what you think. Ready? ...OK! What would you think if you could slug ripe tomatoes at people and they enjoy it? What would think if you could do so no with holds bar? Are you up for it? WAIT!!! You thought we were kidding?!! NO WAY! We were talking about the Tomatina.

This has nothing to do with the killer tomatoes movies. As a matter of fact, we were doing this way before even the idea for such a movie occurred!! Since 1944, each year on the last Wednesday of August in the little town of Buñol between 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 pm, in eastern Spain, people flock for the tomato war called the Tomatina. “Why?” you may ask. Well, the answer is simple: JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT!!

This is a war were there are expected to be no winners, but where all have fun. The attire is simple: COME DRESSED TO WEAR TOMATO JUICE!! Just grab those red ripe tomatoes and throw them at anyone that runs, moves, stays stills, bends down, or turns around (that just about covers it). But as in all games this carries its rules: You may ONLY use tomatoes, and you are to squish them before slugging them. Bottles, water bombs and the like are totally forbidden as it is to rip other’s clothes.

We recommend that you do not sing the theme song of the movie while the Tomatina is on, unless you like to eat a lot of tomatoes for lunch!! However, if you think that all we do is to fling tomatoes at each other, you are gravely mistaken. The Tomatina is only one celebration of a week long festival with musical bands, fireworks, food, and over all fun.

Buñol is a small town 30 miles west of Valencia and well connected by train and bus. You could also rent a car (the drive is thirty minutes depending on speed, just watch your pedal and your metal, all right?). So if you want to, you could just go only for the tomato fight, but you‘ll miss a week of fun.

Only one word of advice, the town is quite small so you should make arrangements before hand, that is, you should make plans to stay in neighboring towns, if there are no spots in Buñol, and as the saying goes, the early bird catches the ...TOMATO (and you thought we would say worm?)

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